End of Trail

“The mountains are calling and I must answer.” I know not what attracts me to these mountains. They are pretty; they are majestic. I vacationed here as a child. They beckon to me with peace and calm even when out of my sight. And sometimes, I must go for a hike. I sit on a […]

Most popular post

According to the WordPress stat machine my most popular post has been chugging along at roughly a dozen views PER DAY for 4 years now. My stats don’t go back to 2010, but it’s had similar activity since it was posted.  What could be so interesting? It’s not a photograph or a camera review. It’s […]

Of fox and chickens. . .

It’s been a beautiful but busy weekend.  I’ve done more calls with my two fire companies in the past 2 days than I did all week on duty.  Sometimes it happens. I’ve been slightly neglecting the chickens, but I took time to feed and water before running off this morning.  We have four chicken coops, […]

Cannon Mountain

As mentioned, I’ve been developing film this week.  Here are a few from our Lonesome Lake Hut/Cannon Mountain expedition. Shot on Ilford FP4+ with a Nikon FM2/50mm. Developed in D76.

Why am I so tired again?

Everyone is out of town this week, so I’m minding the family store. 18:00 hours, home from dinner after work. Fed my parents’ 5 cats and their feral colony. Warmed up the photo processor and the railcar. Fed and watered 14 chickens in three coops. Changed transmission oil in the motorcar; it’s going to get […]