Feeds, scraping, & titillating Germans

For a while now, I’ve been aware that NfMH was being scraped. I didn’t get too upset about it. Even if my text was being used to hawk tree services in Austin it was still linked back here and hopefully driving traffic my way. This all changed last week when an aggregator swiped my text,Continue reading “Feeds, scraping, & titillating Germans”


I was going to title this “Rants” but I don’t really have the energy in my arguments.  Alas, I’m grumpy today, and two things bothered me in particular. Firstly in the last two weeks I’ve had some version of this conversation at least six times: “Good morning.  Iced tea please, large with lemon.” “What size?”Continue reading “Peeved.”

Gettng my head (and my data) out of the Clouds

I’m a bit of an early adopter.  I’m not on the bleeding edge of technology, but I’m out in front of many people. I’ve been into Gmail for years, since back when you needed an invitation to get an account.  I know the dangers of cloud computing; namely that your data is at the mercyContinue reading “Gettng my head (and my data) out of the Clouds”