Nostalgia again

The tones drop, just like they have for the majority of my life. I've reached the point where I've been a firefighter for more of my life than not. (Scary thought, that.) A box alarm; routine. At least it's not another medical aid. Circumstances conspire: maintenance, a detail. The first engine responds as usual, but […]

Code Red

I found myself engaged in a bit of reflection today, for various reasons. Then I stumbled across this: Code Red I haven’t seen that video in a long time. It looks so old now. I was in Providence attending college and buffing the PFD when it was filmed. In my heart the PFD will always […]

Blogroll Additions

Please welcome to the blogroll Paramedic Pulp Fiction and the Insomniac Medic.  Both write with the wonderful narrative style for which I strive.  KC at PPF isn’t new to the blogosphere, but somehow I hadn’t discovered him until today.  Ben the Insomniac Medic has been a longtime read of mine; I’m not sure how I’d […]


I was going to title this “Rants” but I don’t really have the energy in my arguments.  Alas, I’m grumpy today, and two things bothered me in particular. Firstly in the last two weeks I’ve had some version of this conversation at least six times: “Good morning.  Iced tea please, large with lemon.” “What size?” […]

Pimping the blog

Last week I received an email from one Taylor Dardan: I wanted to send you a quick message, and see if I would be able to write a guest blog on your site. I am very passionate the health concerns that can endanger first responders. I am trying to raise the awareness of the many […]