This year it’s personal

I started riding in the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride three years ago simply as a lark.  It was a chance to hang with cool people and oggle their bikes, while nominally doing something useful.  It’s not that different from the origin story of the DGR itself. But this year something has changed. In the past 2 […]


The WordPress app is back! I had planned to blog much more, but then something in the backend of the blog “upgraded” itself and the WordPress app stopped talking to it. Tech support suggested a few things; none of them worked. After a few more mandatory upgrade cycles I’m back! Now where to begin?

Internet Obscurity

I’d just like to note that for the first time in (forever), my How to Hack. . . post from 2009 has fallen out of the number one spot on this blog.  Maybe the early-2000’s GM crowd has finally given up and installed Bluetooth. I am also no longer on the first 5 pages of […]

Car 1160

With a clang and a hiss and a squeal, Connecticut #1160 departs the platform at Seashore Trolley Museum this morning. There was a time when I volunteered here every week. I never had a bad day. I’ve not been able to keep it up, though. This spring I realized that was four cars ago. I […]

A Skilsaw?

Ideas float in my head but will not come out. All should be peaceful on the porch.  The clothes dryer hums softly.  The sprinkler waters the strawberry patch while FeistyCricket calmly watches for squirrels in the trees.  A jet drifts overhead en route to Big City International Airport. There’s so much to write about.  I […]

Minimizing experiment

I’ve just returned from 9 days away on vacation with the family.  You may not have noticed I was gone, and that was deliberate.  Aside from one Instagram slip-up, I tried not to post that I was away from home.  The photo above is of everything I brought, with the exception of a light jacket. […]

INBOX:zero / Let It go

Ahh, Gmail. That wondrous invention from Google which allows us to never misplace or lose an email. Anything anyone has ever sent us is only a quick search away. Every FB status, every Twitter notification. Every shipped package. Every unwanted advertisement. More than a few Russian girlfriends and miracle herbal supplements. It’s no secret that […]


He sits in his hospital chair, staring out past an uneaten breakfast at the city skyline beyond. Frank starts slightly as we enter the room, then turns and smiles. Our routine has begun for the day. He's a slight wisp of a man, now. Twice my age and half my size, time and disease have […]


It hasn’t been a great week. We ran all the usual EMS annoyances, from truck swaps through ignorant hospital staff to late calls. I’m still adjusting to my new schedule, and my family is having a harder time than I. They’ve all managed to contract the flu. Yesterday we were reminded that sometimes Evil truly […]