Coffee Shop

I have a favorite local coffee shop. It’s an odd little place located at the edge of a river. You have to drive through a marina to get there, and you often have to compete with trailers and grounded cabin cruisers for parking. I would come here more often, but their hours of operation coincideContinue reading “Coffee Shop”

2018.11.03 #NaBloPoMo

13 year old Saffron is the only Calico we’ve ever had. She’s the softest, cuddliest, and friendliest of our cats. Most nights she tugs at my heart strings by curling up against my hip, just like Jasmine used to do.


I buried another old friend today.  Middle age has been hard lately.  Perhaps I’ll write more of a eulogy later.  I waded through my photo library tonight looking for a good picture of him without result.  I’m 16,053 images into a 39,000+ photo library, and all I can find are group shots.  I did findContinue reading “Dragons”