2018.11.07 #NaBloPoMo – Civic duty

As I was skimming back through the blog I noticed that I have repeatedly mentioned my new car.  I have never followed up, though. I used to be the proud owner of a 2011 VW Sportwagen TDI.  It was a great machine.  It was fun to drive, had good cargo space, and got excellent fuel […]

2108.11.05 #NaBloPoMo

I spotted this beauty on the way home Sunday afternoon. While it looks wonderful, I don’t imagine it’s very fun at modern highway speeds. It got me thinking about what it would be like to tow with our 1965 GMC though. (Don’t worry hon, just a thought exercise.)


The ceiling fan purrs quietly. The dog snores at my feet.  The MacBook warms my lap as the Moon Beam ticks softly next to me.  For the first time in ages, I am all caught up. The bills are paid, the invoices are mailed, the laundry is drying.  Bags are packed, equipment is loaded for […]

2018.11.01 #NaBloPoMo

It’s National Blog Posting Month again!  I make no guarantees.  If your have followed the blog for a long time, you know that I often undertake challenges and leave them unfinished. Last year I kicked off #NaBloPoMo with a shot of the VW bus.  This year Beth decided to make it spooky and hand out […]

Detox and other updates

It’s been over a month since I announced my latest electronic detox on this blog, so an update is very overdue. As before, it did not take very long for me to realize that my goals were too ambitious. While there was not a panicked flight back to my iPhone, my flip-phone adventure only lasted […]