The Twitch

I have a small confession to make.  I’ve been lazy in my writing.  Yesterday’s digital detox has actually been ongoing for at least a week.  Here are a few observations. I’ve found that I don’t miss Facebook at all.  There was much more drama there than I had realized.  If something important happens with myContinue reading “The Twitch”


It was probably inevitable.  I’ve been struggling with ‘things’ and minimalism for a while.  I’ve largely concluded that I could survive with many fewer possessions but will never fit in a Tiny House.  That’s OK. I’ve railed against the media machine before. (Parts of that post are outdated, but the sentiment remains.) I’ve lamented drivers’ useContinue reading “Detoxing”


In the middle of Story Land stands a small wayside chapel.  Modern renovations to the park have largely bypassed it, and I suspect many casual visitors never realize it exists.  Although I do not consider myself religious, I fondly remember the chapel from my childhood.  It was always a quiet serene place in the midstContinue reading “Chapel”


Flame points Eyes of blue That one crooked ear Character. A long life unknown Desperation A new beginning Shoulders. Too soon Too soon Too soon Rest easy sweet boy. You had a loving home at the end.

Spinning wheels

Restless & frustrated tonight.  I spent the day at the farm trying to make the plow truck serviceable without success.  Just as I arrived home, something broke in the rear suspension of the Volvo.  It’s still drivable but sounds awful. I’ve spent the evening trying to get the den/camera room under control.  I’ve ended upContinue reading “Spinning wheels”