March of Film wrap-up

Week four, all rolled into one post.#YELLOWKodak Gold 200 in a Voigtlander Vito B #BEFORE / AFTERThis was supposed to be a double exposure, but I wound the camera out of habit. Oops.Shot on a Super Ricohflex TLR, another eBay find. #SPRINGI am an engineer, after all.Olympus 35RC with Kodak Gold #CLOUDSShot with the OlympusContinue reading “March of Film wrap-up”

March of Film – Week 3 partial

#LUCKY Holga 135BC We’re lucky to have her, and it was a lucky shot. #SECOND CHANCE Nikon FM2 with 20mm lens All of our pets are rescues. Cricket is living a dog’s life now. #SMELLY Nikon FM2/20mm Self explanatory, methinks. And a bonus from week 4: #YELLOW From a test roll shot today in myContinue reading “March of Film – Week 3 partial”

March of Film – week 1

Most of my pics are back from Old School Photo Lab.  As I was going over them, I realized two of my themes are still in the camera.  I guess we’ll get to see them next week.  Without further ado: LEFT – Earl sits behind the barn, awaiting snow Holga 135BC, unknown color film OLDContinue reading “March of Film – week 1”