Old Iron (P365 – June 11)

I spent most of the day today getting ready for tomorrow’s Lynnfield Muster.  The Mack hasn’t been anywhere in about 18 months, so she needed some mechanical TLC.  As with all things involving antique trucks, a few simple projects proved more expensive and more time consuming than planned.  They’re still not all done, and IContinue reading “Old Iron (P365 – June 11)”

Public Safety Geekery (P365 – May 12, 13, 14)

Yes, I’m a geek.  That’s an actual image of the Paramedic 9 on my GPS.  What can I say, the stock ones were boring. Engines 681, 683 and Truck 68 at company drill at the local elementary school last night.  As IC, I managed to burn the building down and have a firefighter trapped.  CaptainContinue reading “Public Safety Geekery (P365 – May 12, 13, 14)”

Oops (P365 – May 5)

I didn’t do it, I swear.  We just noticed it while driving past.  Fortunately around here the hydrants are designed to break away, so you don’t get that Hollywood-style geyser very often.  (I’ve only seen it once when the car landed on the valve.  When the car was towed off, the geyser stopped.)

FOOLS Spring Training (P365 – May 2)

I spent part of Saturday and all day Sunday with the New England FOOLS at National Wrecker in Portsmouth, NH learning some new extrication techniques.  It was great stuff!  Thanks to Chief Cresta and his crews for their assistance, and thanks to all the vendors, friends, and Brother FOOLS who made the event possible. TheContinue reading “FOOLS Spring Training (P365 – May 2)”


Overheard just now on the scanner:  “Neighboring Suburban Fire Department is on the air with a general call, reported fire in the woods behind number 55 Burning Bush Drive.” Really.  And the 911 lines were ringing in the background.

What’s wrong with this picture? (P365 – April 17). . .and a bonus

So we went to The Farm today.  The plan was to work on the renovations and stay over in the trailer.  Unfortunately, the furnace in the rig has decided not to work this spring.  It was a raw day, and my one small space heater wasn’t going to cut it.  So we headed home andContinue reading “What’s wrong with this picture? (P365 – April 17). . .and a bonus”