Code Red

I found myself engaged in a bit of reflection today, for various reasons. Then I stumbled across this: Code Red I haven’t seen that video in a long time. It looks so old now. I was in Providence attending college and buffing the PFD when it was filmed. In my heart the PFD will always […]

Taunting the EMS gods

I picked up a duty shift at the firehouse on Saturday. Papa Smurf, the Rat and I spent 16 hours protecting the citizens of Hometown. It was a weekend, so something was bound to happen. We did the daily checks on the rig. We did the weekly checks and the monthly checks. We opened the […]

Rain on my parade

We made it to the MAFAA muster in Lynnfield today.  Each year they award a Hard Luck Trophy as needed to the poor soul who broke down on the way to the show.  No one received it this year; my repairs held.  The weather forecast worsened throughout the day yesterday, and by this morning things […]