Mrs. Mack 5o5 handed me the package with a tear in her eye.  “Open it.” I knew what the box contained.  Inside the cardboard, wrapped in tissue paper, was a beautifully finished small wooden box. . . —— In the spring of 2000, five kittens were born to a wild mother in a small feral […]

Turning goals into reality

For years I have had a soft goal of climbing Mount Washington.  I have summited numerous times, but always by motorized conveyance.  I have driven it more times than I can count and ridden up the tracks propelled by both steam and BioDiesel.  It is a wondrous place. On foot I’ve climbed as high as […]

Minimizing experiment

I’ve just returned from 9 days away on vacation with the family.  You may not have noticed I was gone, and that was deliberate.  Aside from one Instagram slip-up, I tried not to post that I was away from home.  The photo above is of everything I brought, with the exception of a light jacket. […]

Whoa Emmett!

Long before I knew her, Mrs. Mack505 had a habit of naming her cars.  Since we’ve been married, each of our cars has had a name.  Some have gone on to have nicknames, and nicknames for their nicknames.  The current fleet consists of Emma, Connor, Hans, Featherstone, and the Batmobile. (Plus a pair of motorcycles […]

Week 17 -Amtrak

I continue to shoot for my 52 Rolls project, but I have not found the time to develop much.  These are posted as Week 17 while I catch up. Beth was excited about riding the Acela for the first time in her memory. Then it broke, dumping us onto another train in Old Saybrook, CT. […]

Hey, it’s an adventure!

Simplify. The modern mantra. We have too much stuff, too many demands on our time. Our family has joined the cause, sending things to the thrift shop and pledging to be less busy. Mrs. Mack505 has a horse show this week. It’s in Syracuse.  School ended yesterday, I was scheduled for a 24 hour shift […]

Happy Birthday

Fifteen years ago, a lonely unwanted cat gave birth in a wood pile.  The days were warm and sunny, and she soon brought her 5 charges out to frolic in the fresh air.  She never allowed them to stray very far from her side because the world is a big scary place. We began to […]