#PolaroidWeek 2014 – October 21

This week I am participating in Polaroid Week on Flickr and Twitter.  I’ve been itching to shoot with one of my pack cameras anyway. Today I selected the Automatic Land 220 and loaded it with FP100c color film. My 220 is special in my collection. My grandfather bought it when he retired and took itContinue reading “#PolaroidWeek 2014 – October 21”

Sunrise, sunset (P366 – April 28/29)

Jake Bouchard (@jbphto) from Old School Photo Lab issued a challenge recently. To paraphrase, “Everyone shoots sunsets. I want to see what the sun is setting ON.”   Here you go, Jake. 4/28 – Sunset in Deerfield, NH.   And the object. Nikon FM2, Kodak Ektachrome E100G cross processed. And for good measure, here’s sunriseContinue reading “Sunrise, sunset (P366 – April 28/29)”