Rule #1 of photography: ALWAYS HAVE YOUR CAMERA HANDY.   If you don't, you risk missing the shot or trying to do this justice with your cell phone:   The iPhone actually did a decent job, but I can't help thinking the Canon AE-1 loaded with Portra 400 sitting in my hotel room would have […]

Disappointment and redemption

In my eBay travels I stumbled upon the Kodak Signet 50 recently. After a half day of shooting it, I was disappointed. It’s oddly put together, with the film advance lever on the bottom and an odd feel. The ASA setting is jammed, and I had begun to suspect that the selenium meter may be […]

Light (P366 – April 26)

4/26 – Beth & Cricket. I was experimenting with alternative lighting using a new flash slave adapter. This little $5 gizmo fires its flash when it sees another flash fire. It has lots of possibilities, and I highly recommend picking one up. 4/28 – First day with the new (to me) Minolta HiMatic AF2. I […]

The scientific method

I’m not exactly happy with my results in the darkroom. My latest attempts at printing have been flat. I’m not having much luck boosting contrast to the levels I would like to see. I have been saying that I’m experimenting with my photography, but I haven’t been organized. I’ve been playing with multiple new cameras […]

Foldex 20

One of my recent eBay finds was the Foldex 20. It’s a 620 roll film camera with a folding body and an 86mm fixed focus lens. It takes huge 6×9 cm exposures.   4/24 – Merrimack River. Foldex 20, Portra 160 My first attempts with it could be better. The red window caused a major […]