#PolaroidWeek 2014 – October 21

This week I am participating in Polaroid Week on Flickr and Twitter.  I've been itching to shoot with one of my pack cameras anyway. Today I selected the Automatic Land 220 and loaded it with FP100c color film. My 220 is special in my collection. My grandfather bought it when he retired and took it… Continue reading #PolaroidWeek 2014 – October 21


Rule #1 of photography: ALWAYS HAVE YOUR CAMERA HANDY. If you don't, you risk missing the shot or trying to do this justice with your cell phone: The iPhone actually did a decent job, but I can't help thinking the Canon AE-1 loaded with Portra 400 sitting in my hotel room would have done better.Posted with Blogsy

Sunrise, sunset (P366 – April 28/29)

Jake Bouchard (@jbphto) from Old School Photo Lab issued a challenge recently. To paraphrase, "Everyone shoots sunsets. I want to see what the sun is setting ON." Here you go, Jake. 4/28 - Sunset in Deerfield, NH. And the object. Nikon FM2, Kodak Ektachrome E100G cross processed.And for good measure, here's sunrise the next morning over Salem… Continue reading Sunrise, sunset (P366 – April 28/29)