World Class?

Bostonians have a complex about New York. They (we?) resent that NYC is bigger and has a higher profile both nationally and internationally. Sure, we have the better sports teams and all that revolutionary history, but that’s about all. This week while Kiddo was off at environmental camp, Mrs Mack505 and I took a briefContinue reading “World Class?”


white shirt blue pants Smartwool socks “brass” – EMTPs for my collar, flag for my breast pocket safety glasses pen company ID


Spring has been a long time coming this year. It’s been cold, gray, windy. . . Today ended with a bit of sun. Here I sit in an antique rocker in my den, scanning negatives next to an open window, listening to light rain on the pine needles, peepers in the swamp, and thunder inContinue reading “Focus”


For almost 15 years now, I have hated one of our local news gathering organizations. They had a muckraking reputation and an “if it bleeds, it leads” philosophy. I was once on the wrong end of their news gathering efforts, and I felt they were a perfect example of all that is wrong in theContinue reading “Redemption”