Carter Notch Hut

Spring training continued on May 31 with a hike to AMC’s Carter Notch Hut.  The weather was perfect (finally), and I observed a pine marten hunting along the trail while hiking in. Wildcat ‘A’ is a short side trail from Carter Notch which allowed me to add a 4000-footer to my spring training regime.  TheContinue reading “Carter Notch Hut”


In the last two weeks the boiler has malfunctioned and tried to kill us; we discovered that the VW bus needs a motor rebuild; the dog attacked one of the cats (both are OK); and my debit card was compromised and started buying a lot of Uber rides and Grubhub deliveries. Oh, and Mrs. Mack505’sContinue reading “Stress?”

Jackson XC

From an ill-fated XC skiing trip earlier this month. The company was good, but the conditions were pretty bad. This winter has been hard on JacksonXC. Shot on Kodak BW400CN in a Nikon L35AF.