Alton, Beverly & Western

It’s been a crazy summer despite our best efforts to keep the schedule in check.  Beth’s school ran almost two weeks late because of weather, and her new one starts a week earlier that the old one.  This means the summer was three weeks shorter than usual. The regular horse show schedule hasn’t let up. […]

Four random men

“We deal with sick people all day long with detached efficiency, but when it’s one of us, the reality of our vulnerability hits home. This job has a way of making us feel invincible, untouched by the sickness and suffering that surround us daily. It seems inconceivable that one of our own may have succumbed. […]

New leather

Yesterday we attended King Richard’s Faire. Beth had never been before, and I hadn’t attended in close to twenty years.  A good time was had by all. Beth and Ericka bought new fancy dresses, and I went shopping at one of the leather vendors.  I love the smell of new leather.  With a few quick […]

Truly random musings

I’ve been neglecting the blog again.  As I read over this summer’s posts, I find a number of things at which I have hinted and never followed through.  Here then, in no particular order, are a few updates. First and most importantly: Sebastian.  Sebby is still with us and going strong.  The vet was amazed […]

Carter Notch Hut

Spring training continued on May 31 with a hike to AMC’s Carter Notch Hut.  The weather was perfect (finally), and I observed a pine marten hunting along the trail while hiking in. Wildcat ‘A’ is a short side trail from Carter Notch which allowed me to add a 4000-footer to my spring training regime.  The […]

Bring on the mountain (a walk in the woods part 3)

May 24 allowed me to finally set foot on Mt. Washington.  The day remained overcast with a threat of thunder showers, but conditions were OK for a hke.  My initial objective was Hermit Lake at the foot of Tuckerman’s Ravine.  It’s a comon spring hike for me. I saw only one other hiker on my […]

A Walk in the Woods, redux. . .

The training continues.  The day after my fire tower adventure, I headed north.  The weather in the valley remained nice if a bit dry.  The forecast in Franconia Notch was for snow showers as I left for Lonesome Lake Hut. We had a little more than snow showers.  I was hiking alone and not equipped […]

A walk in the woods. . .

Spring is here. With my impending hike of Mount Washington, I have felt the urge to get out on the trails and warm up a bit.  Yesterday I had an hour to spare, so I took a brief trek to the fire tower at Pawtuckaway State Park. Best laid plans. . . I took a […]


In the last two weeks the boiler has malfunctioned and tried to kill us; we discovered that the VW bus needs a motor rebuild; the dog attacked one of the cats (both are OK); and my debit card was compromised and started buying a lot of Uber rides and Grubhub deliveries. Oh, and Mrs. Mack505’s […]

Jackson XC

From an ill-fated XC skiing trip earlier this month. The company was good, but the conditions were pretty bad. This winter has been hard on JacksonXC. Shot on Kodak BW400CN in a Nikon L35AF.