Week 50 – Snow and Retrochrome

I wasn't thinking.  I loaded the Canonet QL17 GIII with FPP Retrochrome 320 and took it skiing.  The Canonet has a maximum 1/500 shutter speed.  Most of the roll was overexposed, and the rest of the images were blue shifted. It was a good day skiing at Shawnee Peak though.

Week 49 – Agfa

"Week 49" is spread across much of the last autumn. I loaded a roll of Agfa Prescia 100 (E6) into my Leica M3 for the first day of school and shot intermittently for the rest of the year. Lenses are a mixture of 50mm and 18mm.

Week 48 – Spectra

I recently discovered a stray pack of expired Impossible Silver Shade for my Spectra. I didn't expect much and thus was pleasantly surprised. I hear the newest Impossible films are getting pretty good. I may need to order a pack or two. The Spectra was fun to work with again.

Week 47 – Instax

The week after Christmas, we were visited by family for a few days.  This was a great opportunity to break out the Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic (a camera smaller than its name.) People always love Instax. I always blink, so I don't appear in many photos.