52 Cameras #88 – Seagull 203-i

  The Seagull 203-i is a Chinese folding rangefinder of indeterminate age.  I found mine on a recent trip through my local flea market on a sunny Sunday morning.  It features a 75mm/3.5 lens in a 1/300 shutter.  It is the most advanced folding camera I own, with a coupled rangefinder, a hot shoe, and a […]

Focus part 2

Reading is going well. I’ve finished a couple of books and stocked up on more from the library. I’ve deleted a lot of things from the DVR which I will never find the time to watch. Writing is sporadic, but here I am. I have been to the gym less than I want but more […]

Defeated (for now)

Readers of the blog may remember Leroy the farm truck. Things were going well with Leroy, right up until they weren’t.  Near the end of last winter the brakes failed.  This was only a minor problem, as the truck has a plow blade which makes a very good brake at low speeds.  It really should […]

Week 26 – Lomochrome!

I continue to have mixed results with this film. These were captured over the space of a month or so. It shows some nice color shifts where bright orange is involved. I may try a few  rolls during foliage season. Weather was overcast when I visited Tuckerman’s Ravine this spring. Colors were meh. Soccer fields […]

Week 23 – Firehouse

One of the downsides of being a busy camera collector is that I often can’t remember details of my shoots.  I recently finished a roll of Velvia 100 slide film around the firehouse, but I cannot remember which camera I was using.  It was something 35mm, and probably a Nikon SLR. Stickman gets in so […]

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