#CameraChallenge I

Recently one of my favorite corners of Twitter issued a #CameraChallenge.  The game this time was to spend £5 on a camera and share the results.  As we live within walking distance of one of New England’s best flea markets, Beth and I accepted the challenge. We visited our flea market on a hot June […]


Today figured pretty high on my list of days I hope never to repeat.  We lost Noah unexpectedly. I will write in due course, but it’s too raw right now. I’ve been frittering away the evening scanning negatives and watching YouTube.  These are taken with my new ONDU 6×6 pinhole on Portra 400 during my […]

Dave (2016.01.04)

Winter has finally arrived. Temperatures have dropped to seasonal levels, freezing the yard into a treacherous sheet of ice.  The pellet stove hums away in the corner as I write, the humidifiers are doing their level best to keep me from shocking the cats, and the chicken water fonts have frozen. Oops. Todays primary chore […]

Week 45b – Christmas

I selected the Minolta Weathermatic 35DL for shooting Christmas by accident.  I wanted something decent and automatic with a flash. My first choice Olympus MjuII had a dead battery.  There was certainly no need for a weather resistant camera this year. Christmas morning was a success. My dog can be a long-suffering saint at times. […]

Week 45a – Foster Happiness

This should technically be Roll 52 as it’s the last roll I shot this year. It’s also the last C-41 35mm, so it was developed out of order while I had the JOBO warmed up. The subjects are vaired, but I like most of the shots.  I’m splitting it into two posts, as I feel […]

Week 43 – Dedication

This week covers the dedication of my FD’s new ladder truck. We’ve developed a tradition where each new apparatus carries the name of a past member or members. Ladder 1 is the first all-new aerial ladder the department has ever owned, and it carries the name of Senator Cornelius Haley who was instrumental in the […]

And to all a good night!

Christmas Eve.  The gifts are wrapped; the house is ready.  Bedtime and Jolly Old Elf duties await, but otherwise I’m free.  I load 6 cupcakes and a gift for my dispatcher friend into the wagon and strike out for the Communications Center.  The on-duty shift will have more cookies and cupcakes than Santa tonight.  It’s […]

Happy Camper

For years I was a MacBook person.  The Mrs and I had a pair of 12″ PowerPCs running OS 10.2.8 back before they were cool.  They eventually gave way to first generation 14″ Intel powered units. The Intels were great. We certainly got our money’s worth out of them, but time marched on.  I got […]

The Year of the Print

I think I will succeed in completing the 52 Rolls project after all. I’ve written and scheduled posts through week 40. Weeks 41 and 42 have been scanned and are simply awaiting time to write. Week 43 is hanging in the darkroom awaiting scan. Week 44 is at the lab, and week 45 needs to […]