The WordPress app is back! I had planned to blog much more, but then something in the backend of the blog “upgraded” itself and the WordPress app stopped talking to it. Tech support suggested a few things; none of them worked. After a few more mandatory upgrade cycles I’m back! Now where to begin?

A Skilsaw?

Ideas float in my head but will not come out. All should be peaceful on the porch.  The clothes dryer hums softly.  The sprinkler waters the strawberry patch while FeistyCricket calmly watches for squirrels in the trees.  A jet drifts overhead en route to Big City International Airport. There’s so much to write about.  IContinue reading “A Skilsaw?”


The hum of the refrigerator. The steady drip of snow melting on the roof. The intermittent creak as sunlight warms the bones of the porch. The click of the thermostat on my space heater. No bleeping, dinging, or buzzing phones. No television or YouTube. No scanner, no pager, no IAmResponding alerts. No voices, no footsteps,Continue reading “Saturday”