Car 1160

With a clang and a hiss and a squeal, Connecticut #1160 departs the platform at Seashore Trolley Museum this morning. There was a time when I volunteered here every week. I never had a bad day. I’ve not been able to keep it up, though. This spring I realized that was four cars ago. I […]

A Skilsaw?

Ideas float in my head but will not come out. All should be peaceful on the porch.  The clothes dryer hums softly.  The sprinkler waters the strawberry patch while FeistyCricket calmly watches for squirrels in the trees.  A jet drifts overhead en route to Big City International Airport. There’s so much to write about.  I […]

Detox and other updates

It’s been over a month since I announced my latest electronic detox on this blog, so an update is very overdue. As before, it did not take very long for me to realize that my goals were too ambitious. While there was not a panicked flight back to my iPhone, my flip-phone adventure only lasted […]


The hum of the refrigerator. The steady drip of snow melting on the roof. The intermittent creak as sunlight warms the bones of the porch. The click of the thermostat on my space heater. No bleeping, dinging, or buzzing phones. No television or YouTube. No scanner, no pager, no IAmResponding alerts. No voices, no footsteps, […]

Lowell photowalk part 1

As mentioned below, on Saturday I had the good fortune to join a couple of photographer friends on an afternoon’s photowalk around Lowell, MA.  I chose Lowell as the mills provide interesting light and shadows, and I had never been to the National Park there. I brought two cameras and three different films.  These shots […]

Here I go again…

It’s been a long week here at Mosquito Hill. We’ve had two major storms in less than a week, both of which caused serious disruptions. The MH compound is served by a municipal electric company. The local guys do a great job of maintaining the lines and keeping the lights on; however, there’s not much […]

It’s definitely not Kodachrome…

I spent a bit of time in the darkroom this afternoon, organizing and labeling the film stash. Clockwise from top left: slide films, black and whites, C-41 color, and a few oddballs like chromogenic B/W and infrared. Plus that one random reload in the antique Kodachrome can in the lower left corner. I wish I […]