The ceiling fan purrs quietly. The dog snores at my feet.  The MacBook warms my lap as the Moon Beam ticks softly next to me.  For the first time in ages, I am all caught up. The bills are paid, the invoices are mailed, the laundry is drying.  Bags are packed, equipment is loaded for […]

2018.11.01 #NaBloPoMo

It’s National Blog Posting Month again!  I make no guarantees.  If your have followed the blog for a long time, you know that I often undertake challenges and leave them unfinished. Last year I kicked off #NaBloPoMo with a shot of the VW bus.  This year Beth decided to make it spooky and hand out […]


I buried another old friend today.  Middle age has been hard lately.  Perhaps I’ll write more of a eulogy later.  I waded through my photo library tonight looking for a good picture of him without result.  I’m 16,053 images into a 39,000+ photo library, and all I can find are group shots.  I did find […]

This year it’s personal

I started riding in the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride three years ago simply as a lark.  It was a chance to hang with cool people and oggle their bikes, while nominally doing something useful.  It’s not that different from the origin story of the DGR itself. But this year something has changed. In the past 2 […]


The WordPress app is back! I had planned to blog much more, but then something in the backend of the blog “upgraded” itself and the WordPress app stopped talking to it. Tech support suggested a few things; none of them worked. After a few more mandatory upgrade cycles I’m back! Now where to begin?

Internet Obscurity

I’d just like to note that for the first time in (forever), my How to Hack. . . post from 2009 has fallen out of the number one spot on this blog.  Maybe the early-2000’s GM crowd has finally given up and installed Bluetooth. I am also no longer on the first 5 pages of […]

Alton, Beverly & Western

It’s been a crazy summer despite our best efforts to keep the schedule in check.  Beth’s school ran almost two weeks late because of weather, and her new one starts a week earlier that the old one.  This means the summer was three weeks shorter than usual. The regular horse show schedule hasn’t let up. […]