All is peaceful. The only sound is the whir of the Coke machine. A window pane rattles as the wind buffets one of the six garage doors. Suddenly, a klaxon blares out. There is a loud CLANG-CLANG-CLANG as the alarm sounds. All across town, men are awakened to the insistent BEEP BEEP of pagers. All […]

Sunset on the EDGville

After the tree incident last spring, I made plans to move and rebuild the garden railway.  I broke ground last fall at the new site, but the weather caught up to me. Today I started by lighting a fire.  I have sworn vengeance on that damned pine, one stick at a time. I then went […]

Breaking the Blogjam

I joke in my About page that I start many more blog posts than I finish.  That has never been more true than lately.  A few updates: Sebastian We lost Sebastian last month.  After over two years of hospice, it finally became apparent that there was nothing more we could reasonably do for him.  He […]

Coffee Shop

I have a favorite local coffee shop. It’s an odd little place located at the edge of a river. You have to drive through a marina to get there, and you often have to compete with trailers and grounded cabin cruisers for parking. I would come here more often, but their hours of operation coincide […]

Year in Review – 2018

In the spirit of my tagline, here are some random musings on this New Year’s Eve. I didn’t find 2018 especially memorable.  This is a good thing.  We tend to remember the tragedies. We leave the year one cat poorer.  Clarabel wasn’t old but wasn’t young either, and she was taken quickly by cancer.  Extended […]