Summer begins

The sun is shining, the music is good, the traffic is light, and the patients aren’t too sick. Altogether, it’s a pretty nice day to be a medic in my corner of the world. (For now, of course. )

Museum of Science.

Took Beth to the Museum of Science today. She loved it! She called the planetarium show ‘awesome!’. She also loved the pendulum. We also placed a new letterbox containing my first hand-carved stamp.

Rate the Day

I read a blog post the other day which made a simple diary suggestion: write one sentence about each day. You will be surprised to see how it adds up. I'm not sure I can keep to one sentence, though. In keeping with the short & simple goal, here's a haiku. Slow day ambulanceComfy couch, […]

How to hack an AUX input into a Delco tape deck for $10

I’ve searched high and low for this information, and I couldn’t find it online. After I figured it out myself, I thought I should share. A recent annoyance with our cars has been the lack of AUX-in jacks for my iPod/iPhone. I’ve experimented with RF modulators, and I hate them. None of the ones I’ve […]