3 A.M.

0300 hours exactly. The call is for a possible allergic reaction. The firemen are already rolling their eyes as we arrive. I’m greeted by a woman with a history of diabetic neuropathy, with attendant foot pain. She tells me she had a cortisone shot in her knee at 1000 the previous day, and she’s afraid […]

Captain Mike

Twice the patient had called EMS, both times with a very serious complaint. When we arrived, both times, we found the patient had been drinking and wanted to go to the hospital for detox. He admitted in private that his more serious complaint was fabricated in an attempt to get a faster response. I would […]

Can’t Make this (Stuff) Up

“You can’t make this sh*t up.” A fire instructor whom I admire once told me that. As I look back over my career in both EMS and the fire service, I see how right he was. Friends laugh at my stories, and my wife says I should write them down. Like many people in EMS, […]