YouTube University

I have had a small success this evening, so I will crow about it. The Volvo needs brakes. Disc brakes are easy, so I ordered the parts. Jack up car, take wheel off. Unbolt caliper. Unbolt caliper carrier. Uh-oh. Stuck. Apply penetrating oil liberally. Wait, unbolt caliper carrier. Still stuck. Find a pipe to extend […]


I started this post earlier, but it was needlessly angry. I like this draft better. —— Mrs. Mack505 and I are just back from a relaxing weekend away in the mountains. We came home to find that Kiddo had cleaned the house in our absence. All the animals remain healthy, and all was generally well. […]

The new steed

Here’s the big surprise. If you follow my other social media, it won’t be much of a surprise. A month ago I traded both of my motorcycles for a 2019 Ural GearUp. I felt that I had outgrown my Honda Cub, and I believed the Suzuki would gather dust in the garage while I rode […]