Longtime followers of the blog will remember that it once concentrated on cameras and film photography. I was afflicted with Gear Acquisition Syndrome a decade ago, when used camera prices were low and the thrift shops were full of them.

Over the years my interests have wandered, and I have thinned the collection greatly. This past week, however, I discovered GoodwillFinds.com.

I am the proud new owner of two old folders and two SLRs. All but one are models I have not had the pleasure of shooting before.

So it’s a sunny day, and one of the SLRs needed a lens cap. That necessitated a trip to the camera shop, which is next to the Orange Line terminus.

Thus I am on a Green Line trolley at the golden hour with my ‘new’ Kodak Tourist.

I also bought new C-41 chemistry, so hopefully I can have results by tomorrow. Stay tuned!

(Hi Bonnie!)