Mantras – #NaBloPoMo

If you have followed the blog over the years, you have seen me attempt various mantras and ways to improve & organize my life. Most eventually fail or fade away.

One new one has crept into my daily routine without conscious thought, and it seems to be sticking.


Every day. They don’t need to be completed, but there must be progress every day. Load the dishwasher, run it when it’s full. Throw something in the washing machine and run it. Maybe even fold clean clothes. Empty the main trash can in the kitchen, and scoop the litter boxes. It doesn’t matter if I do it at 0600 or midnight, but these things get done every day.


I would like to add BUDGET to the mantra because I’m always behind in my accounting. I don’t have a good track record with constructed mantras though. We’ll see if it works.

(Typed as the robot vacuum bumps around my feet. I’m cleaning!!!)