If you stare into the void…

If you stare long enough into the Void, eventually the Void may stare back.

In honor of Black Cat Appreciation Day, I present Duke. He’s one of our barn cats and a double source of our stress this week. He turned up at the barn dragging a back leg last week. The vet says his pelvis is broken. We don’t know what happened to him.

His prognosis is good. He may heal completely, or he may eventually lose the leg. Time will tell. He’s here in our sunroom to rest and rehab in a safe space. He is incredibly friendly and laidback.

Duke’s closely bonded sister, Daisy, came with him. We felt she’d be better here than alone at the farm.

She is also friendly, but she can still be a feral cat when scared. She succeeded in breaking out of her carrier during the transfer and took off for the hills. This is not her home area, so we were very worried. She went missing without a trace.

And six days later she reappeared in our humane trap. She’s still not happy, but she is safely back with her brother. Hopefully I’ll get a picture soon.

As I said, it has BEEN a WEEK.

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