DGR 2022 update

Back in May I promised a DGR update. Better late than never I guess.

Kiddo and I attended The Big One in NYC. Over 800 bikes & riders showed up. We lined up at Grand Central Terminal for a 2 hour ride escorted by NYPD which covered three boroughs and two bridges, ending with a block party.

We rode the Ural. We met one other Ural rider from online, and ran into a gentleman on a Janus Gryffin. (I would later bump into the same Gryffin rider at the Owners’ Rally in Indiana.)

Here’s the official recap video from the organizers:

And check out the seven galleries of professional photography here.

As for us, Kiddo and I personally raised $806 this year for cancer research and suicide prevention. It’s not a personal record, but it’s not bad. Thank you to all who donated. I’ll be back in NYC next year, possibly with Mrs Mack505 in tow.