Updates 10/22

So many things to update, starting with the theme. I’ve noticed that the current theme lacks some navigational elements. It’s impossible to navigate from post to post, and you cannot access posts beyond the first page without searching for them. I’ll be looking for a better one soon. (edited: I’ve changed it. Will see if I like this one long term.)

As I scroll back, I notice a few posts with “Stay tuned. . .” endings which I’ve never updated. I will revisit some of them, but here’s what’s been going on lately.

I’m the guy in the back row with a white shirt.

Two weeks ago I took the Janus back to its home in Indiana for an owners’ rally. Fifty bikes showed up, which is a very good showing for a company which has only made 1200 so far. Good times were had by all, and I hope to go back next year.

I was traveling light, so I had no camera beyond my phone. Naturally I started seeing things I wanted to photograph in black and white.

On the home front, Cricket has been diagnosed with dementia. Our days with her are numbered, but we are concentrating on making them as comfortable as possible for her. She’s 18. (Today was a good morning. Small victories.)

Ginger and Pepper are thriving after almost a year(!) with us. Time flies. Pepper enjoys having the TV moved back into the sunroom for the winter.

Oh, and Kiddo is off at college and doing well. That’s kind of a big thing too.

More later. There are updates from the bicycle, DGR, and Transporterfest to mention. And life goes on.

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