Before the crash (22/365: 40-45)

Catching up tonight.

40: Just hanging with my kitty.

41: Sunrise over cemetery on my bicycle commute.

42: It lives!

I used a $30 Software Defined Radio and an old repurposed laptop to decode my local PD’s new digital radio system. Once this concept was proven, the next step is to transplant it to a Raspberry Pi box to run all the time.

43: No trains today.

CVRTC board meeting at Fernald. The station has been remodeled by volunteers with solar/LED lighting and a working wood stove. We were nice and cozy. Railcar season will be back soon.

44: Old State House

Kiddo and I ran into town to pick up Raspberry Pi parts. In the snow.

45: Moonlight over the Great Marsh

I’ve been impressed with the night photography capabilities of the new iPhone, but these came out a bit TOO bright. I like the look better in person.