After the Crash (22/365: 47-53)

47: Car Wash

48: Fox.

Wore my fox t-shirt, so I had to dig out my fox mask. It’s the one Mrs Mack505 made for me at the start of the pandemic.

49: Where in the World is Paramedic 4?

My partner maintains an album of odd places we’ve gone. He was off-duty Friday, so the job fell to me.

50: Tilly!

I couldn’t catch a photo of Tilly where one or both of us did not look stoned. It’s my blog, so sorry Tilly.

51: Escapé

Kiddo’s humble Ford doesn’t get much attention here. We loaded the ski racks for the first time Sunday, and she wanted to make sure we documented it.

52: Planetarium

Don’t worry, this was the pre-show screensaver.

53: Daily Driver

The winter commuting continues when conditions permit. I discovered that my maintenance regimen was not good enough. The poor chain was a rusty wreck after a few days sitting idle. It spent the night in a vinegar bath and got a proper clean and lube job today. Tomorrow is supposed to be 60 degrees here.

(Things are plugging along with car repairs. All it needs is time and a dozen more phone calls to the insurance company.)