22/365: 27-31

I feel like I’ve been busy lately, or at least neglecting the blog.

January 27 – This is posted on the helipad at one of our local trauma centers. I think the staff may have been watching too many medical dramas on TV. (“Do not rush towards the aircraft”? You really have to say that? They keep the engine running!)

January 28 – It has been extremely cold lately. I’ve never seen the boiler vent develop stalagmites before.

January 29 – We had an honest-to-NOAA blizzard. We received almost two feet of snow in one day. The results were pretty. Ginger and I spent most of it reading in front of the pellet stove. In the last photo you can see deer tracks across the driveway.

January 30 – The aftermath. Fortunately it was light and fluffy.

January 31 – Sammie is annoyed that I’m sitting in the wrong chair.