Project 365/’22: Day 1

January 1: Some days the photos just jump in front of me. 2022 began with a structure fire and a crash. I didn’t get any photos at the fire. At the crash scene, however, a heavy fog rolled in while we waited for the power company to clean up the downed wires. Medic 4 looked impressive.

The Deputy got his own Action Hero moment in the fog.

The iPhone 12 camera’s night capabilities are impressive. Here’s the scene illuminated by a PD uint just out of view. There were no serious injuries.

Here’s the rear-facing light show from Medic 4 in the fog. It’s not often we get to see the actual light beams.

Wayback Machine for 1/1:


  1. Been mostly AWOL from blogging for a long time, but trying to spin it up again. Looked at my blogroll, so many have gone idle, was nice to see this one still rolling along. 🙂 Keep the faith.


    1. Grumpy! Great to hear from you! Good luck getting the blog up again. I always liked your stuff. Things have changed a lot over the years but I’m still here. More cats & photography now, less FD/EMS. It’s where my life has gone.


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