Back to the bicycles

The bicycles have plateaued. Mods are done until sometime in the spring.

I’ve finished out the Trek with new grips and a Beernacle from Todd Schlemmer.

I don’t need a beer opener on the bike, but it was a cool accessory designed by a friend and now I will always be able to find a bottle opener. A Trek is too big to lose in the kitchen drawer.

The Univega is done until spring. I’ve installed the new brake cables & hoods and the red bar tape. I’m not completely happy with the tape job, but it’s not hard to replace if I remain unsatisfied.

Original color visible under the brake hoods.

The toe clips and straps look much better too.

I love the overall look of the final result. All that remains is to install a better saddle (I’m thinking Brooks England) and to ride it. The roads are salty, so it will have to wait until spring.

Cycle commuting has been going well on the Trek. My Christmas gifts included a lot of new blinky LEDs. Between them and my hi-vis vest I look silly but you cannot say you didn’t see me.

They are probably not necessary on my quiet commuting route, but frequency of exposure is part of a risk calculation. Do a slightly risky thing enough times and the total risk may be just as bad as doing a very risky thing once. In truth I’m more worried about being hit by a deer than a car. (Deer whistles? Bluetooth speakers?) The fortunate thing is that a deer strike for me would be comical instead of deadly.

(I promised you ramblings and here they are. Perhaps something more profound in the new year.)