Spice Girls

I just realized that I’ve missed something big here at NfMH. Back before Halloween we adopted a pair of cats.

Ginger is an 11 year old, well, ginger cat. I found her on Twitter by accident. She was in a shelter on Long Island, and her picture called to me. She has Hal’s colors and Saffy’s eyes.

When we contacted the shelter they told us she was surrendered with her sister Pepper. She’s a 7 year old Torby (tortie-point tabby). They were surrendered together but are not bonded. We went to meet them, fell in love, and brought them home the same day.

They are both fitting in well. Ginger is my lap cat, but only if I sit in the recliner in the sunroom with her. Pepper is a sweetie and is gravitating toward Kiddo. They both fill voids in my heart left with the passing of Saffy, Hal, Sebby, and even Noah. Here’s hoping they have long happy lives with us.

(Oh, the post title? Kiddo dubbed them the Spice Girls and then noted that we have had past cats named Saffron and Jasmine too.)