The White Whale

Mods on the Trek continue, but I have no updated photos. This is about something else. Way back in my teenage years I owned a beautiful Univega Nuovo Sport. I took it on one long tour around the White Mountains, and it was my primary transportation. I rode it over the Kanacamagus Highway and hit 55MPH cresting the pass. It was gorgeous blue and state of the art.

I lost it in a crash with a friend in its second summer. We were riding in close formation, he was bigger than me, and the frame ended up a pretzel.

Its replacement was good but not the same.

Friday I found another on Craigslist. I wasn’t searching for anything in particular, but I couldn’t resist. It’s black and in good mechanical shape. The tires look original. Everything needs lubrication. I don’t need another project. . .

But it’s a Nuovo Sport. Light, nimble, simple. I’ve ordered new tubes and tires. The handlebar tape needs a refresh. I’m searching for nice leather straps for the toe clips. . .

I think I’ll keep it as original-looking as possible.