The quest for the perfect bicycle continues. . .

The quest continues and the modifications have begun.

Today I installed a set of SKS Bluemels fenders and new North Road style touring handlebars. It’s not perfect; the front fender stays were wrong for my style of forks. I’ve adapted them, but I’m not completely happy with the result. They seem to work fine in the local puddles, though. I’ll ride it for a while and order parts to try again.

The North Road bars really change the riding position. They’ve raised the controls up and back so that I can ride fully upright. At first glance I love it. We’ll see how it works out.

I had to move the rapid fire shifters as the cables are too short for the new bars. They’re in the ‘wrong’ place but still work. I will have to look into longer cables.

The photo perspective makes the handlebars look huge and goofy. They really aren’t that bad. (And I really need to rake leaves now that the rain has stopped.)

Next up is the Swytch electric conversion, which is currently on a shipping container somewhere between here and China.