happy old dog

Yesterday my muse was here. Tonight I sit on the porch listening to the wind in the pines and. . . nothing. It’s been a busy day marking time. When I came home from work I took Cricket for a few errands. We took the truck to the carwash to clean off the pollen, picked up an iced tea, and went to Salisbury Beach for a slice of pizza. The entire trip was justified by a stop at the bank to make a deposit which could have waited until tomorrow.

There were no donuts involved, but she still enjoys a good ride. There are worse goals in life than making your old dog happy.

Now we can hear large fireworks to the north. Salisbury and Hampton beaches often run them in the summer, but I did not expect to hear them on a Thursday night. If it’s not them, someone has gotten their hands on some interesting commercial grade stuff.


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