It hit 93 degrees here yesterday. This was a bit early but not totally unprecedented. There was a bit of thunder overnight, and it all brings me to today’s Wayback Machine:

May 27, 2010 – Grumpy Sky

It’s one of my favorites from my Big Yellow Ambulance Company days.

This thing showed up at our local private school recently. My first impression was that they’d bought a robot lawnmower, some sort of outdoor Roomba. I had to stop and check it out.

It’s a Turf Tank, a robot designed to paint lines on athletic fields. The staff told me they can give it a reference point, tell it what type of field to paint, press a button on the controller, and walk away. It will create a soccer, lacrosse, or football field all by itself.

They were using it in an attempt to lay out straight lines for chairs for their upcoming socially-distant graduation ceremony.

To me it looks like it should be silver with a big K-9 painted on the sides. The Buildings & Grounds guys didn’t get the reference, but they did agree that it could use a pair of googly eyes on top.

Image from Elliot Brown on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)