I came home from a late fire call the other night to find this:

This is Tilly, aka Tillybean or just Beanie. She’s a tri-pawed rescue cat who came to us at the beginning of the pandemic. We had to travel to CT to pick her up, and the transport people were worried they might not get back to NJ because NYC was “shutting down.” (We all know how that went. . .)

Tilly has been wonderful. She is the youngest in our colony by almost seven years, and it’s great to have some kitten energy back in the house. Life is still fun and amazing for her.

She refused to move. I agree that my pillows are comfortable. I reasoned with her, I nudged her; finally I picked her up and placed her at the end of the bed.

We lost Saffron a little over a month ago. It was not unexpected, yet much too soon.

We love them all dearly. We say we love them all equally, and we are earnest when we say it. Some leave a larger void when they pass on, though.

It’s been hard on all of us. Sammie and I are taking it especially hard. Saffy used to sleep on my feet or at my hip every night. I would fall asleep with an arm around her and awake to her staring in my face.

Tillybean stayed where I put her. Most cats would leave in a huff after being forcibly displaced, but she was still there when I awoke in the morning. We’re healing together.

(As I write this she is flat in the heat at my feet.)

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