Things have been a bit slow here at NFMH, and slow in life in general. I have bursts of pandemic creativity, but lately I’ve been feeling run down. Work, home, some TV, sleep, repeat. (I’m not complaining. I’m still working.)

I did get my second vaccine dose, and the Mrs. got her first. Things are looking up.

Cricket had a health scare. At 17 years old, every hiccup is a health scare now. This one looked serious but turned out to be minor. Things are looking up there too. She’s happily snoozing at my feet now.

The days are getting longer; the temperatures have finally cracked 45 degrees; I have a day off; so we know what that means. . .


Step one was to replace the lock on the garage door. The battery-powered combination lock gave up the ghost last week. I assumed it was just dead batteries but alas no. This took a bit of swearing and a couple of skinned knuckles.

Step two was to revive the Kawasaki ATV. It (and its snow plow) have been dead in the middle of the main doorway for two months. Thankfully a new spark plug was a quick fix. It and its mate the Polaris were started and brought out to warm up.

Step three: the Ural.

I was a poor motorcycle owner last fall. I changed the oil but did not adjust the valves or put the battery on a tender for the winter. Now freed from behind the ATVs, I brought it over to the main garage. The battery tender is now on, and I will get to the valves later this week. General spring cleanup and maintenance to follow.

(Some of you have heard: the Ural will be getting a companion this spring. More details later.)

Step four: the generator gas. With spring finally here, it is time to rid myself of the stash of gasoline we keep for the generator. Modern gas simply doesn’t keep well. Into the cars with it, and I will replace it with good fresh non-ethanol gas for the other small engines.

Step five: put the ATVs away.

Step six: find an extension cord so I can plug the Clarity back in outside.

Step seven: snap a photo so I have something to bore you all with. That’s all for now.