2020.11.04 #NaBloPoMo

Confession: I’m enjoying the post-election hysteria. America is doing what it was designed to do. It seems more momentous this time because POTUS is a larger than life divisive figure and because Coronavirus makes everything life-or-death, but it’s really just democracy at work. Tomorrow will come, and we will have some sort of president for the next four years. My opinions will not change that. My guy may win, or he may not. Politicians will continue to do dumb things for the next 2-4-6 years.


This evening I completed prep on the motorcar for the upcoming Snowflake run. It needed a few nuts torqued and the headlight switch replaced.

Whenever I start tinkering I discover things I would like to improve. I managed to resist the temptation. There is not enough time to delve into projects now.

It’s back outside now. Gas, roof rack, load & pack tomorrow or Friday.