2020.11.01 #NABLOPOMO

It’s November, and that means it is time to start National Blog Posting Month (#NaBloPoMo) again.

We were surprised by snow on Friday. We were supposed to get ‘a dusting to an inch.’ The final result was 3″ of heavy wet snow. The motorcar was caught outside. I’d left it out while reorganizing the garage because we plan to take it on a long excursion next weekend.

The snow was supposed to melt yesterday. It didn’t, but it finally went away today.

After a lazy Saturday watching James Bond movies (RIP 007), today I completed winterizing the trailer and hauled it to winter storage. It’s not a very interesting process. It took most of my now-shortened daylight. It will be great to have the extra space in the yard for winter.

I have nothing really profound tonight. The dog is fed, the cats are happy, and I should go workout in front of my pellet stove. Tomorrow is also a day off, and I have nothing but chores planned.