Wish you were here

I love my small town job. What we lack in quantity we make up for in quality. This past week has had a month’s worth of interesting calls crammed into it. We’ve had bad crashes, wandering dementia patients, odd drug overdoses, life-threatening trauma, 2 fires, and a man driving to Florida with his cat.

We’ve also had cold, wet, gray weather.

Today the pattern broke with snow. First of the season. I’m not ready but I never am.

I have my favorite hi-vis sweatshirt from my old ambulance days, a good pair of boots, and a 17 year old spare ambulance. We have been rocking calls for not-very-sick-but-might-be people all day, and I’M HAVING A BALL.

After lunch I took a minute to shoot some pinhole photos, clean up some paperwork, and mellow out with some Pink Floyd.

Here’s looking forward to a glorious winter. Wish you were here, indeed.