Authors & bugles & dragons, oh my!

I’m pretty sure my favorite author, Archer Mayor, slid a reference to my second favorite author, Paul Doiron, into his latest book. Both write regional New England crime series, so I’m sure they are aware of each other.

I would love to read a Joe Gunther/Mike Bowditch crossover…

The rank bugles for my helmet finally arrived today. Traditionalists make fun of me for my Space Helmet but I like it. The bugle looks more professional than the former mustache decal.

I mounted my dragon shelf today. Kiddo bought me my red dragon 10 years ago during a rough personal time. It has lived on my dresser ever since.

I picked up this shelf a while ago and finally found time & motivation to install it this evening. My dragons now have a proper place of pride.

Last but not least, these guys. Sammie has to have her daily lap time. The dog is not so sure and keeps shooting side-eyed glances at her.

Tweet less — blog more…