Quarantine Stories II: Procrastination Achievement

Years ago I set about replacing the rotten railings on the back steps. When the back steps were smacked by a tree, the job was already started but unfinished. You can see the new posts had already been installed in the link above.

No reason to call a carpenter for this. How hard can it be? I can handle it.

I can handle it. . .

The first attempt was ‘indestructable’ composite. I found the stuff annoying to work with, so I only accomplished 1/4 of the job and postponed the rest. Cricket spent the intervening years happily jumping on and off the unprotected side of the steps.

I revisited the job today and found that the composite material was not aging well. It was brittle and had somehow begun to grow a slimy mold. It had to go.

The replacement fir and PT lumber combination was completed in an afternoon. Tomorrow it will get paint, and Monday it will get balusters. It only took 3 years. The poor dog won’t know what to do.