#minsgame2020 Days 10 & 11

Days 10 and 11 were combined into one pickup truck load taken to the dumpster at the farm, but first this brief detour. . .

The morning started simply, with a bit of light cleaning on the screen porch. I was looking for low-hanging fruit to clean out, and the area did not disappoint. In my cleaning I came across a bin of eggs from last fall which had been mislaid. They were surely rotten and should definitely go.

Of course in the process of moving them one fell on the floor and broke. This was not a big deal as the screen porch is built over a wooden deck, and the garden hose is right outside. I could hose the remains away and quickly be on my way, or so I thought.

The first step was to attach the hose to the spigot. That went fine, but upon charging the line the nozzle exploded. Cheap plastic, long winter. A quick change was made to nozzle #2 which refused to spring shut but could be closed manually. The second step was to stretch the line to beyond the problem area, but it was two feet too short. Another hose was located and set up, which promptly burst. Hose #3 did not burst, but its nozzle was also broken. 10 minutes and a change of clothes later, nozzle #4 on hose #3 finally accomplished the job.

All of this brings me to today’s disposal list:

  • Rotten eggs
  • Broken cardboard cat condo
  • Broken ironing board
  • Broken vacuum tool thing (failed seals, another story)
  • Dented fuel can (empty)
  • 2 PVC sleeves/fuel can holders from former motorcycle
  • Unused lawn fetilizer
  • 3 Citronella candles
  • Partial bag of old charcoal
  • Crib bumper (Kiddo is 16. . .)
  • Green florist’s foam
  • Used distributor with cap and rotor
  • RV sewer elbow (surplus)
  • Honda motorcycle brake pads
  • Honda motorcycle ignition parts

And assorted trash. . .

Running total: 58 things gone

(stock image – not my hose)