#minsgame2020 Day 13

Today’s haul:

  • Old laptop
  • Old desktop computer
  • Plug-in surge suppressor
  • PVC pipe cap
  • 3 unused camera cases
  • 2 Polaroid film holders for 4×5 cameras
  • 2 broken rangefinders
  • A camera strap
  • Auto-winder for a camera I no longer have

Today was more difficult in two ways. Firstly I am attached to the laptop. It dates back to at least 2009 and was used to write much of this blog. It travelled on the ambulance with me for years. We have lots of miles and hours together. It’s obsolete though, and it now refuses to work at all.

The desktop OTOH carries no sentiment. I bought it cheaply on Craigslist for a specific project and it died within weeks. Good riddance.

Secondly, disposing of the electronics properly is difficult even without a pandemic. Both computers will join the batteries awaiting a local electronics recycling day.

The cameras and parts will go to the thrift store when I can. They can make a buck or two and perhaps someone will want to tinker with them. (I have avoided rebuying my own stuff, but I do drop a few bucks now and then on an experiment from them. I view it as a donation to a good cause.)

Running total: 83