Everyone loves to hate a printer.

This morning I attempted to photocopy an article.  Five pages.  Simple, right?

Page one: Printed at 70% reduction for no apparent reason.  Changed in settings.  Printed at 100%.

Page two: Reverted to 70%.  Changed settings. Still printed at 70%.  Changed settings again.  Printed at 100%.

Page three: see pages one and two.

Resisted urge to hit printer with a hammer.

Page four: Reverted to 70% AGAIN.  Spent five minutes digging around in settings to find out why this keeps happenning.  Think I have it fixed.  Print at 100%.

[printer maintenance] Go have a tea.

[black ink low – please replace]

[grind, grind, grind, humm] Have more tea.

Page five: Printed without incident, finally.

I’d run it over with the Kubota, but then I’d have to buy another one.