Quarantine, Day 5

I’m feeling 90% myself and getting a little nuts stuck at home while everyone else does my work. I started my day by mounting the TP Hoard Display Unit in the bathroom:

It has legs, but I need to get hardware for them

Next up was dishes & chores, including laundry. I hung the laundry outside, as I am wont to do.

This led to a bit of light brush trimming around the clothesline. That led to more brush trimming, and that could have led to A LOT more brush trimming if I had let it.

I threw a coat of paint/stain/sealer on the garden railway structure, and I finished this:

Apologies for the vertical video.

I was able to ‘phone in’ a couple of tasks for work, but I was unable to assist with the serious car crash. My partner and my replacement handled it while I trimmed the shrubs. Stupid virus.


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