Quarantine, Day 3

As usual I’ve been neglecting the blog. I didn’t realize it had been a full 90 days. As of today I am in ‘self isolation’ for the foreseeable future. I may have had an exposure at work; I have a sinus infection but it may be something more. Waiting on the test results.

Back in December I mentioned the possibility of adding a Russian rangefinder to the camera collection. I settled on a new FED 5B with a Jupiter-8 lens from my collection.

FED 5B / Jupiter 8

I’ve run one roll of random Fujicolor through it this winter.

Just off the Rail Trail

After a few random local shots, Kiddo and I took it to Buffalo Central Terminal for a photo session. The day was cold and damp, and the terminal area was closed due to nesting falcons. It’s a fabulous place to which I need to return in better weather.

The abandoned low-rise sections of the old terminal have a stark Soviet look to them. The camera took to them well.

And finally a bit of color to finish the roll.

Kiddo is upstairs doing school work from home. Mrs. Mack505 is watching classic movies on the media server. I don’t know what I’ll do with the rest of my day. . .