Seeking Inspration. Zorki?

A truly Random Musing tonight, as I warm up from plowing snow on the ATV. Winter has finally arrived. Snow seems a bit earlier than usual, but the weatherpeople don’t seem any more excited than ever. I hope it sticks around long enough for Christmas.

I’ve been reading a photography blog. I’d like to say it was helping me focus, but really it is only making me realize the need for focus. I’ve been feeling the beginnings of it lately anyway.

I used to love and enjoy photography, as this blog can attest. I collected cameras of all sorts; I shot and developed my own film; I even printed in a basement darkroom. I consider myself a photographer.

But. . .

I haven’t printed in over a year. Last week I cleaned out and reassembled the darkroom. (It doubles as a workshop.) I have a backlog of undedeveloped film. I have multiple partial rolls to finish. I have shelves of cameras gathering dust. I have no inspiration. I take snapshots on my phone, but I don’t make art.

I’d love to keep a few cameras, just the best and the favorites, and sell off the rest. Ebay is easy, and Christmas is a good time to sell. I’d love to find a photography project for 2020 and follow through with it. (The last big photo project I completed was in 2010.)

Then again, I caught myself shopping Russian rangefinders the other day. I have a spare Industar 26M lens in need of a body, and a weird Soviet camera to carry on the weird Russian motorcycle might be cool.

What to do, what to do. . .